Signs It Is Time To Get a Complete Roof Restoration

roof restoration

The Top of the House

It’s easy to take the roof of your house for granted – assuming it’ll always be there to protect your family and your home whatever the weather. However it’s important to remember that with intense South Australia sunshine, and more extreme conditions such as strong wind and rain, you need look a solid company that provides services for roof restoration in Adelaide.

  1. Have a look

One of the most important and simplest things to do when considering whether your home needs a complete roof restoration, is to have a look at the roof. Always keep an eye on any changes that may be occurring – especially in periods of bad weather or at the end of each season. Look out for the following tell tale signs that your roof may need some work:

  • Obvious damage such as missing slates or tiles
  • Evidence of pest infestation such as nests, holes or damaged materials
  • Weathering and water damage
  1. Seek professional advice

Although it may seem costly, you could save huge amounts of money by getting a building inspection as soon as you start to be concerned about your roof and whether you need to consider a complete roof restoration. Sometimes it can be hard to spot elements of roof damage yet problems such as drainage or water damage can destroy a roof if left untreated. The reason I recommend getting a building inspection is because for the same price you can check out other potential issues around the house.

  1. Spot the signs:

More specific signs that may tell you that you it’s now time to get a complete roof restoration include:

  • Signs of leaking
  • Exterior Light coming through from the roof to the inside of your home
  • Sagging ceilings inside
  • Rusted nails
  • Buckling, curling or blistering of surfaces
  • Damaged vents
  • Issues with your skylights

If you have spotted the signs or your building inspector has identified that there is an issue, it’s best to address your roof restoration as soon as possible. Find a company that you trust, through word of mouth or online research, and consult their experts about what they feel needs doing to the roof. Let them know what caused the issue in the first place so they can implement proactive measures to reduce it happening again. In terms of good word of mouth, I recommend the blokes at

A roof over your head

The best way to keep the roof over your head healthy is to constantly observe it for any tell tale signs of damage or decay. Don’t ignore niggling doubts and always be quick to consult a professional. Having a roof restoration can lead to longer term security for you and your family, as well as adding value to your home if you are considering selling.